google pack

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Do you hear about google pack before

here it is in details

google pack is agreat compination of google softwares

it is include:

1-google chrome web browser ,and it helps you downloading , browsing the web espically google search enginr very fast way

2-google aps : included gmail , calender and docs

3-avast program antivirus : and its from the easy and strong antivirus in its field
4-adobe reader the famous program to view the pdf document and to make one
5-skype : the strongest connect program like messenger
6-google earth : the simple way and program to view houses ,streets,towns and every place on the earth
you can also view it on their site on the web
7-google tool bar :  for ie to anownce you with the update of feeds news
8-spy ware doctor :  its agood tool to detect spywares hidden in your computers
9-google picasa : to view pictures on your computer and on msn too
10-google talk : to chat with friends on google mail
11-real player : the good way to play video audio on your set like :ram , :rm , :mp3 and other extensions

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